Summer is truly here and as the heat rises and you start to plan your holiday, you’re going to want to treat yourself to a little summer design to see yourself through the year’s hottest months. From outdoor furniture, to tableware, to accessories and fashion, here are our favourite summer design pieces for 2014.

LL Sombra Sunbrella

Created by LinesLab in Macau, the Sombra is a mix of both Asian and European aesthetics to help protect you from the sun’s fierce rays in style. The result is an object that combines state of the art technology and memory, combining shadows with patterns, laser-cut shapes in 100 percent white Tyvek.

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Sunglasses Model 36

Summer is all about shades, and sunglasses are all about making a statement. This beautiful pair of specs will see you through many sunshiny days. The model ages with style, acquiring a signature patina that adds depth and character.

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Under Pressure Vase

These vases by Marco Ripa are bright, bold, attention grabbing and quirky. The Under Pressure Vase provides a unique home for your floral arrangements as well as being a piece of art in itself. With a deep-rooted passion for working with iron, Ripa believes his material of choice “rejects repetition” and therefore makes for bespoke, quirky pieces. Ripa’s philosophy of life is mimicked in his work whereby he doesn’t believe we should settle for mass-produced or generic designs.

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Stripe Linen Tote Bag

Island Workbench is a handmade fashion brand from the small island of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong. The brand is inspired the simple beauty and peace of island living in contrast to the busy city. Amy and Steven Choi’s handmade fashion pieces include dresses, handbags and jewellery. All are marked by a signature beautiful handmade quality and fresh, clean design. This handmade tote bag is created from thick linen and its nautical stripes are perfect for that yacht trip this summer.

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Tyvek Passport Wallet

If you’re very lucky this summer, you may be going away on holiday. What better way to liven up dull airport proceedings than with this fresh Tyvek passport wallet by Greenwood Labs? “Art of life” is their mantra. We caught up with them to discover the road to creating a range of innovative bags and cases that are stylish, durable, and environmentally friendly.

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Greek Leather Sandals

All the sandals are made of high quality Greek genuine leather, with natural colour that gets darker as time goes by and adjusts to the shape of your foot. The sandals come in multi-coloured (green tones) or beige Cotton Rope with black leather cord and gold plated metallic details which can be fastened at the side with a buckle clasp. Υοu can wear them all day with your shorts or with a long dress.

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.