Hong Kong Linens Label Butterfly Dreams

Artisanal production may be the catchphrase of the day, but affordable luxury and responsibility are arguably more crucial. At a time when consumers are being brainwashed into believing that all manufacturing is bad and anything not 100 percent “organic” is dangerous, it’s nice to be reminded a little science can make life better. And there’s nothing to stop it from being sexy and stylish too.

Since it was founded in 2007, Hong Kong- based linens manufacturer Butterfly Dreams has found success with its signature microfiber bed sheets. The classically designed linens are fast-drying, stain resistant and ultra-soft in addition to wearing like iron. They’re produced with minimal environmental impact and made from recyclable material — and give delicate, high maintenance fabrics like Egyptian cotton and pure silk a run for their decadent money. In a climate like Hong Kong’s, where a charming mildewy aroma can take hold before the laundry dries, Butterfly Dreams’ high tech material is welcome.

Up to this point, Creative Director Edith Coronación McCosker’s agenda pivoted on marrying quality, comfort, luxury and longevity, and the online shop has done that with its classic neutral shades (ivory, blue, beige, serene) and unfussy design. Now, as part of what McCosker refers to as the brand becoming more “design conscious” it has teamed up with New York-based Tyler Wisler Home for Butterfly Dreams’ second line. The fact that Butterfly Dreams expanded into North America in 2013 factored into the new line too. “As I was exploring different marketing strategies, I thought a design collaboration would be perfect,” says McCosker, recalling how she met Wisler and the two clicked. She calls it a “no-brainer.” “He’s an up-and-coming designer, energetic, very active in social media, and I love that his style is different from mine. His design is contemporary, a little masculine, which makes Tyler Wisler Home a good addition to Butterfly Dreams,” she finishes.

The Wisler line maintains Butterfly Dreams’ dedication to responsible manufacturing, deep, 16-inch corners and easy care, but doubles down on design. Available in colours ranging from Chalk, an icy white, and creamy Latte, to delicately purple yet vibrant Shiraz among others, the top sheets, fitted sheets and duvet covers feature a leather-inspired trim. It’s a look that’s more exciting than plain beige but not quite as (potentially) distracting as flower prints or polka dots. “We carefully designed and produced each item to make sure it is an appropriate fit for us,” explains McCosker. “We are passionate about our signature microfiber fabric, so we still used it in this new, limited collection. We even made improvements to it. It is softer and smoother.”

McCosker isn’t ruling out working with other designers and introducing new collections to Butterfly Dreams’ line-up down the road, but for now she’s happy working with Wisler. He may be the only outside collaborator at present, but it seems he is indeed a perfect fit. “I always say that great design is whatever makes you happy, and I believe what would make anyone happy is to slumber away in affordable luxury,” said Wisler in a statement. “I wanted to create a line of bedding that is sexy, with smart detailing, to make everyone feel like a rock star.”