Everyone is bound to get a little superstitious during the Hungry Ghost Festival. When real estate agents show apartments to clients, it is common practice to ring the doorbell and knock on the door before entering the apartment, as this is a way of paying respect to the ghosts. If you’re not easily frightened, here are a few haunted house stories around Hong Kong:

Hin Keng Estate, Tai Wai

A few years ago, a friend of a real estate agent bought an apartment in Tai Wai with her husband. After living there for 6 months, they started having marital problems, as they would argue over every little thing. As the wardrobe faces the bed directly, the wife believed that the wardrobe was an entrance to the ghost world. Sometimes the wife would also wake up in the middle of the night and have the feeling that a lot of umbrellas and spiders were falling on her.

After asking a ghost hunter to visit their apartment, the ghost master claimed that the female ghost was in love with the husband and wished the couple would separate and divorce each other, so that she can have the husband all to herself. However, after feeding the husband special soup blessed by the ghost master and locking the gates to the ghost world, the couple was at peace again.

Tsuen Wan

This real estate agent was new in the business, so when he showed a customer a public housing estate in Tsuen Wan, he didn’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door. When he and the client first entered the apartment, they saw a man sitting on the sofa. He thought that it was an agent showing the apartment around, so he went back outside and waited 10-15 minutes before going back into the apartment. However, after entering the apartment the second time, the man disappeared and it was completely quiet. There was no back door in the apartment.

St. Louis Mansion, Central

Around 10 years ago, a real estate agent took a girl to see a luxury apartment at the Mid-Levels. The client wanted a “classic” building, so the agent showed them a 3,000sqft apartment in a building built in the 50’s, furnished with dark red carpet and antique furniture. The agent performed the usual procedure and rang the doorbell before entering the apartment. However, the moment he opened the door, the girl was frightened to death and refused to enter the apartment. Even after walking out of the apartment, the moment the girl looked up, she was terrified and her whole body was shaking.