Now that we’ve moved into the 21st century, household innovations are essential for us to feel somewhat civilized. Say goodbye to bonfires and cave drawings with products like contemporary light fixtures, ornamental containers, and digital picture frames. As human beings, we always look for the easiest living options on the market – anything that allows us to be lazy!

Digital TV Picture Frame

At first glance, this ‘Digital TV Picture Frame’ just looks like an old TV that probably doesn’t work. However, plug it in, switch it on with the additional remote control, and you get a stunning vintage picture frame that displays your collection of digital photographs. The old TV’s real function is masked by its beautiful classical appearance; both its function and aesthetics allow you to choose whether to use it as a decorative or functional piece.

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Pestrin Lamp

The ‘Pestrin’ suspension lamp by Irregolare, whose name derives from the Venetian dialect indicating the place where milk used to be distributed, adds Italian flair to any room. The use of porcelain and wood takes back to ancient traditions that encompass a minimal and contemporary design and are finished in different colors; do you feel warm yet?

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‘Who Are You’ Umbrella Stand

Marco Ripa has designed a stylishly geometric umbrella stand that does the work for you. The ‘Who Are You’ umbrella stand’s structure is based on the overlapping of a cube and a parallelepiped – both functional and aesthetically stunning, this design is ideal for stylish interiors.

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WAT Lamp

This peculiar table lamp is powered by water! The WAT lamp is cordless and contains a hydroelectric battery and magnesium powder that allow the lamp to light up. The lampshade itself is composed of sanded blow glass that gives its worn, vintage, and calming appeal. It’s perfect for any space whether it be your office, bedroom, or bathroom!

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This simplistic wall-clock design from Praxis demonstrates an effectively minimalist, contemporary design. The HOOCK Clock doesn’t have the elaborate markings of a conventional clock; its timeless nature eradicates the stressful burdens of time while still providing its function. The clocks are fun, colourful, and made of rubbery silicone – they are exciting to look at, brighten up a room, and enjoyable to touch!

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Stick Humidifier

These small test-tube like humidifiers not only improve the air quality in your room, they look adorable too. Knobz design intended for the sticks to be a portable air-improving solution – perfect for polluted Hong Kong! Just fill a glass with water, stick the miniature humidifier in, and enjoy the fresh air. This is a great alternative to bigger gadgets for small homes.

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