Did you know?
Nam Cheong MTR station has the largest collection of Escalators, with 48 sets of escalators within the stations’ perimeter. 
Nam Cheong Station might not be one of the busiest MTR stations, but it definitely tops the list for the largest collection of escalators. With only 5 exits in total, why are there so many escalators in Nam Cheong?

Our editorial team had done some investigation on this interesting matter. As Nam Cheong serves as the interchange for the Tung Chung Line and the West Rail Line, most of these escalators are there to move passengers across the 4 platforms, going East and West on the Tung Chung Line; and North and South for the West Rail Line. 

As part of our investigation, we also found that outside of the rush hours, the Nam Cheong station could be one of the most deserted stations amongst all. Perhaps, it’s the spacious design that creates the illusion, but it really does give you a “cultural shock” on the extended personal space that we rarely encountered in most of the MTR stations in Hong Kong. 

Information updated as of, 2012