Helping Kids do better in School

The right touch of Feng Shui goes a long way in helping kids do better in school.  

Summer is almost over and another academic year will resume in just a few weeks’ time. Many parents are busy herding their kids to all kinds of summer activities, and at the same time they’re preparing them for the new academic year in September.

In addition to preparing the academic necessities, parents could consider adding Feng Shui elements to the prep list. In Feng Shui practices, study and literary matters are often related to positions of the Wen Chang (文昌) direction. Simple Feng Shui placement relative to Wen Chang will bring good luck in academic matters.

There are two approaches in locating the direction of Wen Chang: by referencing the Flying Star Chart or calculating with reference to birth dates. Today, we will take the simple approach by referring to the Flying Star Chart. On that table, the Sei Luk Star (Four Green Star) direction is the same as the Wen Chang direction.


The annually published Chinese Almanac Calendar often includes the position of the Sei Luk Star for the calendar year. For easy reference, below is a list of the stars’ positions for the coming decade.

Placing the desk facing the direction of Sei Luk Star can improve concentration during study or homework sessions. To fully exploit the energy from the star, it is best to face directly towards it.

For additional scholastic luck, keep a Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) in the direction of the Sei Luk Star. Placing the plant in an elevated location can help intensify the positive energy of the star. Remember – in this setting, there should only be one lucky bamboo, and it should be kept in water at all times.

Hopefully, this simple setting will bring good luck to every student in the upcoming academic year. In the next article, we will be locating the Wen Chang using individual birth dates.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.