With one of Hong Kong’s brightest celebrations just past, let’s pay tribute to one of life’s most powerful forces: light. Without light, there is no vision. Without light, there is no direction. Without light, there is no space. It is not possible to perceive your interiors without beautiful lighting – light completes a space by providing full perspective of a room.

Cheung Fun Candle

BeCandle divulge their quintessential Chinese creations in the form of dim sum candles. The masterful candle-crafters stay true to their oriental roots by taking symbolic cultural aspects from all corners of Asian tradition and applying them to their creative candles. One of the most recognised dim sum delicacies from traditional Cantonese cuisine, cheung fun, has been transformed into a handmade wax candle – lighting up your home with homemade love.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Boom Boom

The conceptual lighting design company, Duo Dots Design, bring you ‘Boom Boom,’ one of their bespoke lighting pieces. Duo Dots value conventional handicraft techniques that combine both new and traditional concepts to make the best tailor-made designs. Boom Boom is a hand-woven lamp, smoothly sitting on a glass dome, which beautifully displays distinctive illuminating patterns of the highest-quality.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

La Lampe Paris

La Lampe Paris by Maiori takes its inspiration from the history of lighting itself – nearly 400 years ago, the streets of Paris were first lit by the well-known ‘réverbère’ gas lamp. This lamp brought the citizens out to the street at night, where they could walk and laugh without the fear of darkness. Maiori’s lamp uses modern technology and solar power to create a new and improved sustainable, portable, and efficient outdoor lamp.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com


Ong Cen Kuang conceived the Alur lamp to represent ‘broken symmetry,’ based on the idea of repetition. Both elements appeal to our visual sense, but Ong desires to surprise us and move away from the predictable. Alur’s shape is determined by the material signature and techniques used, which demonstrates a tactile, almost lifelike organic form. In Indonesian, Alur means ‘wave’ or ‘way of life,’ pointing to the lamp’s connection with nature.

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BlackMilk are a design collective based in Beijing that explore and embrace the relationship between local craftsmanship and modern technology, such as 3D printing. QGD stands for Qingdao 青岛, a major naval base and industrial centre in Eastern China. Qingdao used to be home to numerous foundries and metal works, explaining the lamp’s rusted coppery metal frame. The beautifully Eastern design is enhanced with the oriental shapes.

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BeDove Lamp

Alphonso believe that a good lamp can point out a family’s distinctive personality – BeDove creates a fun, lively, and curious atmosphere that can illuminate any dull space. The lamp boasts a warm white colour, smooth feel, and glazed ceramic material in order to achieve elegance. The process to create the lamp was painstaking but worthwhile – the beautiful porcelain present the bird’s stunning curves.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com
Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.