Have you ever owned a pet? Some people may think that owning a pet is a waste of money and affects home hygiene, but the average domestic pet can offer various health and therapeutic benefits. As lifestyle is inextricably linked with health, owning a pet can significantly improve your health!

Less prone to allergies

There tends to be a misconception that pets cause allergies, but contrary to popular belief, children end up having less risk of allergies and asthma when living in a home with furry animals. As Hong Kong pollution levels have caused a rise of allergies in children, owning a pet can reduce these health problems for your children at home.

Help in child development

Other than acting as allergy fighters, pets can also help with child development. As many Hong Kong families have an only child, when they don’t have a sibling to talk to or play with, some children may have trouble expressing themselves and become very quiet. A pet at home can help children express themselves better and focus on responsibilities through a regular routine.

Increased exercise

While exercise may be dull and boring for some people, exercise can turn into a fun routine with your pet, such as playing catch with your dog or running around with your kitten. Pets can be a great motivation for exercise too, as they always want to play with their owners. Studies show that pet owners are more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements compared to non-pet owners.

Reduced stress

Pets tend to increase feelings of contentment and relaxation, which makes pet owners worry less about daily troubles such as job security and finance. Even if you just stay at home with your pet or go out for a walk with your dog, this can significantly reduce your stress levels. Once stress is reduced in your daily life, this also helps to lower blood pressure.

Emotional benefits

One of the greatest mood boosters is laughter and pets can easily put a smile on your face. After coming home from a hard day of work, pets are always happy to see you and provide a warm welcome. Some pet owners even talk to their pets and use them to get through their troubles.