Moving to a new city is always exciting, and what’s better than cheap alcohol and legal drinking in public? Although there is literally a party going on every day of the week in Hong Kong, a night of heavy drinking can sometimes get old. If you want to chill out and explore the local side of Hong Kong, here are a few ways to have fun like a local!


Although karaoke can involve heavy drinking as well, try belting out those tunes stone cold sober. This may seem like a challenge for some expats, but locals get a natural high from endless hours of karaoke. For a more gwailo-friendly place with English Top 40 songs, try heading to any given Red Mr karaoke branch. If you get bored of singing, you can always step out and play some beer pong!


For avid gamers out there, the local arcades are your true calling. Arcades may have had a bad reputation in the past as Hong Kong gangsters’ paradise, but they have cleaned up since then and you can even find them in the middle of a shopping mall. Although most arcade games like Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution only involve one or two players, you can also have fun with the epic Bishi Bashi arcade game if you’re in a group of three!

Clam digging

If you don’t mind getting down and dirty, try clam digging and hunting for fresh seafood. The best time for clam digging is between the months July and August, but make sure you also check low tide and high tide times on the Hong Kong Observatory. Sometimes the best things in life are free!

Squid fishing

What’s more fun than catching your own food and eating it? Drinking aside, another fun night time activity is squid fishing in the summer. You can test out your fishing skills by heading out to sea and fishing with a simple plastic string attached to a multi-pronged hook on the loose end. For night time packages that include transportation, basic fishing equipment and a dinner buffet, check out boat companies such as Traway, Jubilee and Saffron Cruises.


Cycling is a great way to explore the countryside of Hong Kong and connect with nature. Some of the most popular cycling trails are located in Tai Mei Tuk and Sai Kung, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After a long day of cycling, reward yourself with delicious thai food which can be found in both locations!