There are many stories and theories as to why the colour red coded Christmas; from tales of Christ’s blood, to limited colour pigments in Victorian times, to Christmas season holly berries. Apparently, the reason Santa wears red today derives from a 1930s Coca-Cola campaign that became monumentally popular! Whatever the case, red IS the colour of Christmas!


The Shirrley bag by Design on Shell is a versatile red bag made out of a single piece of mesh fabric. It has a completely adjustable shape: when fully stretched out, is an excellent sizable shopping bag, and when collapsed, looks like a stylish shirred flower. The Shirrley bag aims to add simple beauty to everyday life – turn heads this Christmas with this convenient style accessory.

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Ostrich Pillow Mini

The most exciting product that has ever graced the internet guarantees a very red and happy Christmas – the Ostrich Pillow Mini! Sleep better this Christmas and wash all your stress away with this comfortable, quirky, and playful design. Designed to be used on your hands, arms, and elbows, it is the most compact ostrich pillow yet. It fits like a glove; simply slip it onto your hands, and rest your head!

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Tea Workshop Infuser

One of the cutest creations of them all, the Tea Workshop tea infuser by Tealab reminds us of the cozy warmth of the fireplace. At Christmas, one of the most satisfying feelings is to escape from the winter cold, and this tea infuser is guaranteed to warm your hearts. Watch your hot tea brew through the adorable miniature chimney tunnel.

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Thermos Lamp

Because we live in Hong Kong, why not have a Chinese red design for Christmas? Jonas Merian is known for his upcycling techniques – no old item goes to waste! He has taken old Chinese thermos bottles and revamped them with modern functions. This all-in-one design features oriental graphics, a touch sensor light function, and vintage aesthetics. The thermos lamps are red and ready for Christmas, as well as being lucky charms for the coming Chinese New Year.

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ATMOS24 Messenger Bag

This very beautiful, very red, leather messenger bag from Georgina Skalidi’s new collection is a great item for any stylish lady. It offers an adjustable-length detachable strap, which can transform this adorable messenger bag into an oversized clutch! Christmas is THE time for fashionable rouge tones – so why not sport one of this winter’s hottest bag designs?

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Ask For Bracelet

Sigita Truksane of 3 Wind Knots creates jewellery to help people reach their dreams. Christmas is a time of dreaming, wishing, and loving and so this ‘Ask For’ bracelet is ideal for you or your loved ones. The bracelet is engraved with unique Latvian signs all with deep meaning; it is handmade and engraved in silver. 10 different symbol combinations are available for this piece, all with personal and symbolic messages.

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