Keeping out the unwanted guests

Curiosity is a part of our human nature, as it drives us to experience and explore the unknown. Among the various kinds of expeditions, paranormal and supernatural adventures often top the chart. The mystery of paranormal phenomena is often related to the unusual happenings in a house labeled as a “haunted house”. But what makes a house have a higher chance of becoming haunted than the others?

Here are the possibilities that make an ordinary property become a haunted one: (1) Bad Feng Shui or (2) the inhabitants’ negative energy or bad luck inviting the unwanted visitors.

Inviting the unwanted
Both Eastern and Western societies believe that ghosts and spirits mostly appear in dimmed settings. Sunlight can brighten up the atmosphere of any given space, therefore properties that lack sunlight will have a higher chance in inviting unwanted guests and bringing bad luck to its inhabitants.

In Feng Shui studies, some stars are believed to increase negativity and chance of inviting the spirits. The “Er Hei Star” (Two Dark Star), “Si Ly Star” (Four Green Star), “Qi Chi Star” (Seven Red Star) and “Wu Wang Star” (Five Yellow Stars) are the few stars that can intensify negative energy and invite unwelcome guests.

Surrounding landscapes also contribute to a property’s Feng Shui, as it affects its “friendliness” to the unwanted guests. The “Peeking Mountain” view is a good example of the landscape attracting spirits. Mountain views that include several mountains in varied distances can resemble the “Peeking Mountain”. It is composed of a smaller hilltop situated behind a larger mount, with its hilltop visible to the side of the larger mountain. In another words, the combinations create a scene as if the smaller mountain is peeking at the property from behind. On days when the stars are aligned, the combination of landscapes and stars could extend invitations to supernatural powers, making the property very desirable to the ghosts and spirits.

Relax, it’s not here!
Many people believe that the presence of spirits or ghosts can cause compass malfunctions as a result of frequency interruptions. The truth is, in most cases, not all malfunctioning compasses are caused by supernatural powers. In modern homes, many of our electronic appliance and construction materials also emit frequencies that can interfere with the magnetic field and cause compass malfunctions.

Hopefully the suggested ideas could give you a piece of mind on whether some of the properties are spirit-friendly. It is important to remember, however, that the key element here is bright light. Natural sunlight is always the key in keeping out these unwanted guests.

If you are interested in finding out more about haunted houses, you can visit the <a a="" Squarefoot Haunted House database to find properties that have had less fortunate incidents.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.