A new year means a new beginning. Most of us kick start the year 2015 with a list of resolutions made at the turn of the year and we try our best to make them all come true. With the Year of Goat around the corner, let’s smooth the path for success with some tips on Feng Shui orientations this year.
East– Relationships and Networking
A lucky star in the East brings positive energy to relationship-based industries where communications are essential, such as the sales industry. Keep a plant (with water) in the East to maximize its energy (bright-coloured plants for singles). Place a blue floor mat if your entrance is in this direction.

The Southeast is where negativity gathers. To balance out the negative energy, place a copper-made Chinese bottle gourd in this direction. Install a copper doorbell and place a gold or apricot-coloured floor mat to minimize its negative influence.
South – Loss in Finance and relationships 
The South is prone to financial loss and conflicts. Use the water element to balance out the negativity. One practical way is to keep a small aquarium with six black molly fish, along with a blue floor mat at the entrance if the entrance is in this direction.

Southwest – Romance and Celebration
Southwest is an auspicious orientation for romance, marriage and relationships. If you are on the lookout, place nine red-coloured flowers in the Southwest to enhance your luck in romance. For couples, a photo of you and your loved one in the same spot can strengthen your relationship.

West – Negativity and Devastation
The West is a source for negative energy. It is best to keep the area peaceful and low-key, and avoid any kind of construction or renovation where possible. Place copper-made wind chimes in the West to offset the negative energy.

Northwest – Academic and Literacy 
The Northwest is ideal for academic studies and relocating desks to this direction is a great way to welcome positive energy. Place four Lucky Bamboo in this direction to strengthen its power.

North – Wealth and Promotion
The outlook for the North is one of the most positive. Try to keep your window open if it faces this direction. Keep this direction moving and lively by placing items (such as a pendulum clock and electrical fan) where possible.

Northeast – Power and Achievements
As the Northeast represents power, this helps to increase your income and chances for a promotion. Placing a jade seal in your office in this direction can enhance good luck.

Quick and Easy Feng Shui Settings

Career Luck 
Place red-coloured items in the North and pottery in the Northeast.
Business Growth
Place eight pebbles in the North and a pendulum clock in the East.

Romance and Relationships for Singles

Keep colourful flowers (with water) in the East end of the bedroom, and nine red coloured silk flowers in the Southwest.

Romance and Relationships for Couples
Place red-coloured items in the centre; keep a ceramic rooster in the East. The placement of the rooster will minimise the possibility of new relationships.

Good Luck for Sale of Property
Place an electrical fan in the Northwest and keep it on at all times. Keep a bucket of clean water with a yellow-coloured bucket and place it in the North.。

Minimise Sickness and Negativity
Place copper-made wind chimes in the West, along with a copper-made Chinese bottle gourd in the Southeast.