Group DynamicsEver since 2006, the SamsonWong Design Group Ltd has been busy forging a reputation for creativity combined with a solid understanding of the fundamentals and demands of a given space. With a portfolio that spans residential (The Palazzo), hospitality (Arun Thai at K11) and commercial (PetroAsian in the Gateway) projects and an in-house crew of contractors and builders that help with the kind of project cohesion SWDG has become known for, the studio’s future looks bright. Square Foot chats with creative director Samson Wong.

Tell us about yourself. How did you come to found SamsonWong Design Group Ltd?
I immigrated to Australia at an early age and studied architecture at college and went on further study of interior architecture at a local university. I worked from home as a one-man band at first and set up the company six years later. From three employees the company is now ten times the size.

There are 30 or so people in your office. How do you keep the Group aesthetic or mandate consistent?
There are two parts to that answer. First, “The customer is always a treasure to us.” Between 2006 and now we have gained over 150 clients. Most of them became very good friends. I guess this rarely happens in Hong Kong. How we treat our clients is always genuinely and with respect. We listen to them, understand their needs and provide great service. We always try our very best to create a good design and provide quality building service. Nevertheless, a successful design should always include love and care. The majority of our clients are now by referral. In that what we see is not only a business return, it’s all about trust and good relationships.

Second, we treat our staff as companions and friends. Successful teamwork creates successful projects. Quality staff ensures a successful team. We give them new opportunities, encourage them to try different aspects and set higher goals from one stage to another. Think positively and act positively, that’s what we emphasised in our company principles. Besides, I see them as members of a large family. Some of the staff has been working here since opening, and some past have even returned to us after time away.

Past Projects
What did you work on this year that really stood out for you from a design perspective?
As a creative art, architecture is part of life, influencing the space, environment and culture of society. Innovative and creative ideas must be backed up with a strong foundation before they can begin to better our lives and bring aesthetic enjoyment to society. This is my motto and I bring it to all my projects.