A diverse and delicious array of Japanese food and beverages have descended on the shelves of GREAT Food Hall! These tempting snacks are now available as part of the traditional Japanese celebration of summer’s arrival. GREAT will continue to roll out a multitude of the finest Japanese offerings this July.

Ladies’ Special: Takara Beauty Sparkling

In collaboration with Takara, a top Shochu brand in Japan, GREAT introduces the Beauty Sparkling fresh fruit juice and beauty formula. With only three percent alcohol content and sweet flavours of lychee, peach and pineapple, it is a favourite of young women in Japan. And with 50 percent fewer calories than other similar drinks, it’s a summery, guilt-free indulgence.

Choya Ume Liqor will also be available at GREAT this summer. The experimental yet bold combination of fruits and honey makes it a summer sensation. Three flavours are available: honey mango, yuzu and lemon.

Besides alcoholic drinks, Oshima Milkmake’s Milk Mix will be available as well. Mix with your milk for a delicious taste of coffee, cocoa, banana, melon, caramel and tea.

Japanese-Style Snacks

Ice-cream is always popular in summer – but what about trying some ice cookies instead? Fujiya’s brand new limited edition Ice Chocolate Cookies and Uji Matcha Cookies. They can also be served at room temperature. GREAT is also releasing Tohato’s Harvest Green Tea Cookies. With their super-thin shape (only 3mm-thick), the biscuit’s texture is exceptionally crunchy. Two new flavours – Chocolate Coating and Green Tea are now available.

Calpis is a popular traditional Japanese summer drink. Now the maker has launched its own brand of marshmallows, with Calpis jelly embedded inside.

Wasabi-flavoured snacks are a Japanese staple. Bring a refreshing spiciness to your palate by enjoying Calbee’s Wasabi Mayo Potato Chips this summer. Ikedaya’s Wasabi Shrimp Chips are also available.

GREAT also recommends the limited edition Galbo Mini Mellow Banana Snack from Meiji. The cacao is wrapped in banana chocolate, resulting in a unique, rich taste. Ginbus’s Ginza Rusk and Ginza Rusk White Chocolate will also prove to be highly popular this summer.

Century-Old Household Udon- Sanuki

Sanuki Udon , from Kagawa Prefecture, is incredibly popular in Japan. This famous noodle is thick and chewy, and can be served hot or cold. Yamasa’s Hiyamugi Senka and Somen Senka also hit the shelves of GREAT this summer. Both team perfectly with chilled Sanuki Udon.