There’s no room for subtlety today so we’re going gold and bold. The New Year is the perfect time to head for new horizons and realise new dreams; to rediscover the strength and faith within you, to rejoice in simple pleasures and gear up for a new challenge. To celebrate the beginning of 2014, I’ve got some spangly items that will bring the glitz and glamour of a New Year’s Eve Party firmly to the rest of the year.

Baroque Cuff and Golden Drip Cuff by Eina Ahluwalia

The Eina Ahluwalia label is synonymous with luxury jewellery poised at the intersection of art, fashion and design. Each piece is intricate and intense, subtle yet strong. Rooted in tradition and imbued with meaning, her gold jewellery designs always have something precious.

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Cufflinks by AMT

These cufflinks and their quilt pattern are pure genius. Classiness and glamour are cleverly balanced with the playful quilted texture that is sure to brighten up any shirt.

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Pop Phone

The golden Pop Phone harkens back to the 1950s and is a style that featured heavily on the catwalks this season. The American retro phone accessory lets you take and make calls the traditional way in modern times – and in style of course.

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Eden Table

Boca do Lobo’s three collections are the result of years of continuous development and investment in renement techniques and the expansion of functionality. The furniture is made at Boca do Lobo’s factory in Oporto, where furniture makers take great care to ensure both aesthetic beauty and functionality, paying close attention to traditional craftsmanship and quality.

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Duck Necklace

Celebrate Hong Kong’s cuisine with this roasted duck in gold. Mimicking the siu mei (barbecue) items you see hanging in restaurants across the city, this gold necklace mixes class with intrigue.

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Native Union’s Clic iPhone Case

It’s hard to find a truly classy phone case, but Clic combines hand-polished walnut with an accent of shiny gold to create something that is really unique and stylish.

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