In Feng Shui, we say ‘mountain rules popularity and water wealth’. If we want to know how your luck in wealth is, water is the element to watch out for; however, not all water elements are good for improving your wealth, we have to make a careful distinction.

Aside from bodies of water visible from our home, such as oceans, rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes, swimming pools and fountains, we also have to pay attention to the layout of surrounding roads and streets. As water runs from high to low, we can look at the height of the terrain, and if the terrain is level, we can look at the direction of traffic.

Using our home as the focal point, if the water runs from left to right, you should have your main door on the right. The effect will be further enhanced if the building on your right is in front to act as an extension. If your main door faces a downhill slope or traffic that is travelling away, it means water, and in other words, your wealth, is leaking from your home.

The same method can be used when you have rivers and streams near your property. In Feng Shui, waters that run straight are useless because they don’t stop and rest to be ‘stored’, while winding waters run slower. If in the right place, winding waters can bring wealth that is manyfold more than ‘straight waters’.

If the ocean is visible from your home, having encircling mountains can help you to accumulate wealth but when mountains are absent, it will bring a negative effect on your popularity and wealth. Locations with an ocean view but no mountains are only good for vacationing.

In summary, waters that can be ‘collected’ and ‘stored’ will help us accumulate wealth; if otherwise, we will end up spending and losing money. This is a general analysis of how water affects wealth.

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