Nine Palace Flying Star of the year

Feng Shui is all about creating balance and channeling the energy flow into designated locations. Placing various elements with reference to the Star Chart can gather energy to improve luck and ward off negativity.

Here are some simple general Feng Shui placements:

Placing floating water in the west at home can help to accumulate wealth, such as a fish tank, where the fish and the pump create movement in the water. As the Star of Wealth belongs to the “Earth” sign, placing a metal decoration next to the fish tank can create balance between Earth, Metal and Water elements. Placing six pebbles in the middle of the house can bring in alternative wealth, such as bonus, commission or investment return.

The Flying Star that brings bad health is shooting to the North and Southeast. Since the Philippines suffered an earthquake and was affected by a landslide earlier this year, this fits the reading that 2012 is the year of Water and Earth. I predict that there will be more similar incidents in 2012, therefore travelling to destinations in Southeast Asia would not be my No.1 choice.

A simple solution is to place a big metal decoration, such as trophy or a container full of coins in the North and South-east at home. Again, Metal can be used to introduce balance between Water and Earth, which should help improve the inhabitants’ health conditions.

If you want to find your significant other, try placing a metal container with 70% water in the South side. Although you don’t need to change the water everyday, try your best to keep the container clean and refill when necessary.

Marriage and Pregnancy
Planting red flowers in the Northeast area can bring about celebrating events, such as marriage and pregnancy. It is also advised to place a bright light, a red or pink carpet or any objects with the same colors in the South-East area to resist the energy of argument.

Gossip (Rumor), Lawsuit and “Siu Yan” (People who against you)
If you find that there are a lot of gossip and “Siu Yan” around, you can do the same as above to ward off energy of conflicts and arguments. If you are bothered by a lawsuit, try placing a glass of 70% water in the Northwest to ease the energy of failure.

Study/ Education
The best direction for studying is in the East this year, therefore a room or desk in the East can ensure positive energy for schooling. Placing 4 Lucky Bamboos (Dracaena sanderiana) can also help to bring in luck for this factor.