GREAT Food Hall’s German Food Festival is back with a bigger-than-ever selection of iconic and innovative foods, all exemplifying the highest standards of German quality and craftsmanship. The promotion runs until April 24, 2014.

German Brews

Established in 1904, the family-owned brewery Früh spans five generations and is famous throughout Germany and the rest of Europe for producing premium quality Kölsch – a style of beer specific to the city of Cologne and exclusively brewed there. Adhering to the original rule, which allows only water, malt and hops to be used in the brewing process, this light and pleasantly refreshing lager is top-fermented with a hoppy, dry finish.

Distinct Chocolate Flavour

Luxury German brand Rausch began its foray into the chocolate industry in 1918 and has been in family hands for three generations. Much passion and care goes into creating the right balance of flavour that brings out the taste characteristics of the selected cocoa.

Healthy Snacks

A hundred years of confectionery tradition meets nature’s finest ingredients in BeautySweeties’ Yogurt Cream Pralinés. In these unique and delicious treats, white chocolate, fruit pieces and fruit yogurt cream are perfectly blended together, with antioxidant-rich super fruits, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera and collagen playing a starring role. Billed as ‘purely natural’, no gluten, artificial flavourings or preservatives have been added. Two flavour varieties are available: Pomegranate Raspberry and Acai Forest Berries.

From the Deli and Takeaway Meals

Black Forest Ham has been produced by the family-helmed Reinert brand since 1931. This original Bavarian delicacy is carefully hand-cured, smoked over pure pine wood, and matured over an extended period, which allows the distinctively spicy aroma of juniper berries and peppercorns to fully develop. It is made in accordance with the region’s traditional methods and has Protected Designation of Origin status.

GREAT’s hot roast counter is offering an extensive German menu of hearty set meals and side dishes. One of the highlights is Grilled Currywurst, a spicy street-food specialty that originated in Berlin. Other enticing items include Nürnberger Pork Sausage with Potato Salad; Schweinshaxe Smoked Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut, Potatoes and German Mustard; Viennese Sausage – a foot-long Frankfurter with a choice of toppings; Veal Schnitzel; Potato Pancakes; Red Cabbage Sauerkraut; and German Pickles.

From the Bakery

An authentic selection of German breads is being fresh-made daily by GREAT’s very own master baker Ulrich Becker, using high quality German flour imported from Aicher Mill, which has been around since 1589. The family-owned mill is not only celebrating its 425th anniversary this year but also making its outside-Germany debut at GREAT. Focusing on sustainable and purely natural products, the mill uses only single source, traceable grains – free of GMOs and additives – from the Bavarian region. Its long-established artisanal approach to milling ensures maximum nutrient retention of the grains in the flour for more wholesome bread-making.

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