Chopping and changing furniture positions in a room can be great fun for a home decorator, but in a tight space there often aren’t many options.

Here are some great ideas for arranging the furniture in a small living space.


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Sectional couch & coffee table

A sectional or modular couch can fit neatly into the corner of a tight living room, freeing up floor space while creating extra seating.

When you are home alone, you can spread out and lie in front of the TV; when you have people over you still have enough room to seat your guests.

A coffee table placed close to the join where the couch sections meet can look great in a tight space.


Large sectional couch & compact chair

If your living space is part of a larger open plan area that also functions as a dining and kitchen space, it can be a good idea to create clearly defined spaces with your furniture.

If you don’t have a TV you have more space to work with because you don’t have to worry about obstructing the view – so you can afford to place a compact chair or two opposite the corner of the couch.

This will create a cosy zone for your living space.


Low couch & ottoman

An ottoman is generally less intrusive than a coffee table and can double as a stool when you’re settling in for a movie night.

Choose a plush variety that can be used as a seat when you have people over.

If you opt for an ottoman that is tightly upholstered as opposed to a puffy one, remember it can also be used to hold your popcorn bowl or a cocktail tray.


Small couch, two chairs & coffee table

Don’t be turned off a full lounge suite set up if it’s what you want. A two-seater couch with chairs looks great in a small living room.

One or both of the chairs can be easily pushed against a wall if you need more space for entertaining.

If you want to create more or less intimacy in your setting, you can just reposition the chairs.

This arrangement works well if you require flexibility or if you tire of different looks quickly, as chairs are a lot easier to move around than a large couch.


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An armless couch & coffee table

An armless couch is a fantastic option for smaller living spaces of less than 18sqm.

The low lines of an armless couch look stylish next to a sleek coffee table.

This can also be a functional option for overnight guests.

Couch-surfing guests will thank you for a good night’s sleep after stretching out, unobstructed, on an armless couch.


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The Twilight Sleeper or daybed

If you’re after a real bed for your guests, opt for a Twilight Sleeper couch which can be transformed by the flick of a bolster.

The Twilight Sleeper was invented by the winning entrant in a Danish furniture competition back in the 1990s. It is made up of a rectangular base, which doubles as the mattress and a cylindrical bolster, which acts as the back.

To transform it into a bed, you simply pull back the bolster.

The daybed functions in much the same way – a flat platform base with two bolster pillows. The pillows just need to be put aside to create the bed.

In the style stakes, fans of mid-century design favour the classic look of both options.



Author: Alice Bradley