Welcome to the tableware design revolution. Food is a necessity of life, and dining is an integral part of most cultures. Enjoying food can be a multi-sensory festival, full of not only taste, but of colour, texture, and light as well. Come with us on a tableware design journey to seek out the most innovative and exciting additions to the humble dinner table.

Nature-mimicking Biodegradable Food Packaging

One of the more irritating aspects of the food industry is that while the food is eaten or rots within a short amount of time, the packaging will litter the planet for years. This biodegradable food packaging is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. The series of containers are created from natural materials that decompose quickly. Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has called it “This Too Shall Pass.”

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Sensorial Stimuli Cutlery

Tableware design can alter how we experience our meal. Can the shape, texture and colour of cutlery change the way food tastes? Synesthesia teaches us that colour, hearing, and taste are all interconnected and can trigger reactions in the other. Jinhyun Jeon has created a range of cutlery featuring different textures, materials and colours to titillate diners’ senses at the table.

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Ridge Kitchen Porcelain Tableware

New York design studio Visibility has unveiled prototypes for its first housewares collection, which includes a series of tableware design with built-in ridges for grating, grinding and gripping food. ”Our collection centred around a series of products exploring the intersection of beauty and usefulness in the home,” says Visibility co-founder Sina Sohrab.

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Graft Dosposable Tableware

This intriguing tableware set by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng really has it all. It’s colourful, eye-catching, biodegradable — and 3D printed. Deng scanned real pieces of fruit and vegetables before planning which piece of cutlery their shape would lend itself to before 3D printing them in disposable plastic. This may be your only chance to eat your soup with a carrot-spoon or eat your salad with a celery fork.

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Moku Mogu Wooden Forks

These Moku Mogu wooden forks, created from local wood, form part of a branding package by Tetusin Design Office for a local food festival in Okawa, Japan. The simple material and shape is the perfect vehicle for food tasting. The nine tree-shaped forks stand up on a board, and when filled you have little wood food forest full of edible treats.

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Tilt Tableware

This tableware design is not for the clumsy among us. Dor Tal’s Tilt resembles common items including bowls, plates, and cups. However, say goodbye to a flat understand and hello to a cone. For stability, Tilt uses a steel cable that rounds off and creates a cross in a piece of cork that attaches to the tableware’s rim. The result is a tableware design that is light and playful. Breakfast just got a lot more interesting.

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Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.