Foyer is an important element to a living space. It says much about the hosts and sets stage for first impressions. A well designed foyer not only impresses visitors, with proper applications, it can also welcomes positive energy.

When it comes to feng shui, design and décor of the foyer has a direct relation with inhabitant’s wealth. A good setting can be used to invite positivity and keep out negative energy. Here are a few common ways how foyers facilities household fung shui.

1.    Redirect Energy
Foyer is often used to alter the direction of energy coming in through the main entrance. By redirecting the pattern of influx, energy can enter the home through the preferred direction, bringing good luck and positivity into the living space.

2.    Retain Positive Energy
With the right application, the foyer can be used to retain positive energy within the home.  As mentioned in “<a target="_blank" a="" 10 NOs in Household Feng Shui”, having the main entrance directing at windows or balcony will affect wealth matters.  In this case, a foyer can use to redirect the flow of energy, keeping luck and wealth within the home, instead of flying out straight through the windows.

There’s endless possibility in decorating the foyer, here’s some tips on how to utilizing it for the positive feng shui application.

Not just the Hallway
It’s best to have the foyer located to the right or left of the main entrance.  Having the foyer extending straight from the entrance will create a channel for energy movement. In this case, it defeats the purpose of using the foyer to retain energy within the living space.

Stop at the Mirrors
Having a mirror at the foyer might be handy for checking out your outfit before stepping out the door.  Depending where you place the mirror, it could adversely affect feng shui for the entire living space. As mentioned in the <a target="_blank" a="" Mirror article, reflections can block energy from entering the home. If the mirror is a must-have item in your foyer, make sure it is not facing any doorway, entrance, kitchen, bedrooms alike…

Stay away from the Beams
It is important to create an inviting ambiance at the foyer, for welcoming both guests and positive energy.  As mentioned in previous articles, ceiling beams reduces overhead space results in a strong sense of closure. It is best to avoid any ceiling beam at the foyer. If it is unavoidable, it is best to cover the beam or place a light fixture to keep the foyer bright and well lit at all times.

Well Lit with Lights
Light is an essential element for the foyer.  A well lit space welcomes positive energy and keeps out negativity. A light fixture can be used to invite and retain positive energy, especially when the foyer area is too dark. A bright foyer can bring good luck and smoothen out work life.

Clean and Clutter Free
The foyer is often used for storing shoes, umbrella or coats and other assorted items. It is very important to keep the area clean and tidy. It is best to store shoes on shoe rack or in cabinets. Don’t forget, keeping the foyer tidy and leaving space behind the door is the key to accumulate wealth. (Refer to  “<a target="_blank" a="" Stop Letting Money Fly Out Your Window for details.)  

Now that you understand the basics of foyer feng shui, I hope that you can pick up some useful tips on creating a welcoming foyer space, for both your guests and your wealth.