In Feng Shui, it is best that a home is shaped in square, which conveys a sense of balance and fits the concept that the sky is round and the ground is flat. An excellent example of this concept is the Forbidden City in Beijing, where the palace is a square and The Temple of Heaven a circle.

In addition, due to the fact that there are 8 orientations in Feng Shui, a square-shaped home would facilitate an equal division of space for the 8 orientations and it follows the principle of balance and moderation, no element should be too weak or powerful. If the property is not a square or rectangle and corners are missing, we call this situation ‘missing corner’.

If the ‘missing corner’ is where your wealth corner should be, you will have trouble accumulating wealth. Bagua (Eight trigrams in Taoist cosmology) includes all elements, so the different orientations are represented by different trigrams. In the case of a ‘missing corner’, it will weaken the power of the corresponding orientation and affect the person it represents.

If the ‘missing corner’ is in the northwest, which represents father (‘Qian’), it will affect the man of the house not wanting to stay home and linger outside. If the ‘missing corner’ is in the northeast (‘Gen’), it will affect couples who are hoping to have a son for the orientation represents young son.

For the same trigram, there can be different interpretations. The trigram ‘Gen’ means ‘third son’ but in different situations, it can represent different people. In the case of married couples wanting to have a son, ‘Gen’ means a young male child. And if it is a young lady in seek of romance, ‘Gen’ means boyfriend, so if ‘Gen’ is located in the missing corner, it will be difficult for her to find her other half.

Issues caused by a ‘missing corner’ are hard to resolve for it involves changing the structure of the home. The other thing you can do is compensate by utilizing other trigrams, for example, the trigram ‘Qian’ in the northwest is a gold element, which can be represented by elephant, so if the ‘missing corner’ is in the northwest, you can put a brass elephant in place to compensate the situation.

The Eight Trigrams and What They Represent

Orientation   Trigram   Person Affected   Decoration
East   Zhen (震)   First Son  Wooden Parrot
Southeast   Xun (巽)   First Daughter  Wooden Butterfly
South   Li (離)    Second Daughter  Red Wooden Turtle
Southwest    Kun (坤)  Mother  Ceramic Goat
West   Dui (兌)   Third Daughter  Brass Vase
Northwest   Qian (乾)  Father  Brass Elephant
North   Kan (坎)  Second Son  Crystal Fish
Northeast    Gen (艮)  Third Son  Ceramic Bear

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