Loudbasstard is a Philippines-based company with an undeniable love for music, design and Cebu. Founded in 2012 by two friends, Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio, Loudbasstard is dedicated to bringing beautiful Eco-Friendly amplifiers while making a difference in the Philippines. buyMeDesign spoke to Franz to find out the story behind this promising young company.

How and when was Loudbasstard founded?
Koh was working in Japan and I was working in New York. Mid 2012 we were both on vacation in Cebu, the Philippines and met through our mothers. Because we loved it there so much, we wanted to start something so we could stay there and actually make a living in Cebu. It was during a trip up to the mountains where Koh and I had the idea of collaborating on something new.

Initially, we discussed releasing a furniture line. During our think-tank session Koh’s girlfriend pulled her phone out to play music, using a cup to amplify the sound and there we go, the rest is history! We shifted our focus from furniture to pieces that could bridge the gap between modern technology and industrial design, while making use of natural resources abundant in the country. This philosophy led us to the birth of the Bamboo Passive Amplifier and Loudbasstard.

Your amplifier designs are made of bamboo and wood – what attracts you to working with these materials?
We like the combination of modern technology and industrial design with a twist. At present, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the products that they are using. Sustainable materials tend to top the list of timeless styles since they’ve been around nearly as long as the concepts of design itself.

The production process is extremely important and has a big influence on how our products will look like once complete. That is why we use natural materials and preservatives. Our long-term experience with woodcraft, its extensive drying process and the right tool, oils, stains and varnish selection we are using make our products exclusive and exciting. All of our pieces are handmade in Cebu and made of indigenous as well as exotic materials.

What do you consider to be Loudbasstard’s biggest achievement so far?
As we approach our third year anniversary, I think our ability to set up a startup company without funding is our biggest achievement yet. We are working together as a team and partnering up with different organizations and companies for the love of music and innovation. Our journey so far has been a one-of-a-kind experience for Koh, the Loudbasstard team and myself.

Who or what inspires you at the moment?
Brilliant minds inspire us. Brilliance takes many different forms – an artist, a musician, a great storyteller – anyone expert at their craft. We have always had a strong desire to be exposed to knowledge. We love to learn and expand our intellect. We always share what we learn with the Loudbasstard family. Life is a never-ending learning adventure.

What’s next for Loudbasstard?
It would be no fun if we tell you everything already, but we are continuing to ramp up our website, get deeper into the sustainable design communities, and moving forward to greater things!

Date: 2015-08-10