With the Lunar New Year right around the corner, these six products demonstrate the beauty of Chinese design to the world. Designers take inspiration from all corners of Chinese culture, from history, to nature, to tradition.

Year of the Sheep Red Packets

The Year of the Sheep Red Packets are a twist on the traditional hung bao used for New Year gifting. Happihood red packets are interactive and reusable; practice paper-folding techniques with the built-in instructions. The product is aimed at children that look at life in the most enjoyable way possible. Upon buying one packet, $5 will be donated to organisations serving less privileged children, in the hopes that more and more children feel the love of Chinese New Year.

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3 Generations in One Stool

The stools are influenced by traditional Chinese families, which consist of three generations living together in a small space. There is a great sense of respect in Chinese culture and these stools represents familial bond. The design works much like Russian nesting dolls, where one stool can be separated into three stools of different sizes, and each of these can be further detached into two other seats, allowing all members of the family to find a suitable.

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Li Wai Little Basket

Traditional Chinese vessels from various dynasties inspired this collection. The double-layered cups vary in their proportion and size, and their transparent skin turns the liquid inside into a centrepiece. The contrast between the modern exterior of the glass and its traditional interior brings to mind the dynamic evolution of Chinese design and subsequently solidifies the product’s identity of being “Designed in China.”

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Lu Porcelain Table

Lu in Chinese means dew. Pinwu’s porcelain table collection is inspired by the image of dew collecting on leaves in the early morning. The durability and sturdiness of porcelain make it an ideal tabletop surface. The collection is supported by various dimensions and colours. Each item brings a warm and sensitive atmosphere to the home.

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Scenery Vase

The Woo Collective aims to show the world the beauty of traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship skills with enhanced methods. For the scenery vase, they created a smooth gradient pattern on the surface of the container, which brings out the warm texture of tin. It can be used as a tea jar, candy jar, vase, or container for small items.

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Biscuit Box Clock

The Biscuit Box Clock is made from an old Chinese biscuit tin, in keeping with the entire collection that consists of reused Chinese biscuit boxes reinvented with modern functions. Jonas Design embraces the beauty of Chinese culture and mainly uses Chinese patterns and items to create his designs.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com
Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.