In 2013, look out for donut shops to go gourmet with flavors like foie gras, and for mainstream grocery stores to begin stocking what’s being called the new Sriracha sauce. These are a few of the big trends that will shape the food scene — and line families’ pantries — next year.

It’s the most consumed beverage in the world, a factoid that hasn’t changed in a long time. But in 2013, watch out for the hot drink to encroach even more into the coffee world, as Starbucks moves away from java towards tea. While the coffee giant already sells tea brand Tazo, the company announced plans to “transform the tea industry” this year after acquiring specialty tea retailer Teavana. Similarly, tea boutiques are poised to become increasingly popular. Canadian retailer Davids Tea, for instance, recently expanded into the US after enjoying nationwide success across Canada.

Korean red bean paste or gochujang
Bon Appétit magazine describes it as the new Sriracha sauce. Korean red bean paste known as gochujang is the binder that spices up one of the country’s signature dishes, bibimbap, a rice bowl topped with various marinated vegetables, beef, and a fried egg. But next year, look out for the fiery hot paste to become more mainstream, appearing on grocery store shelves as chefs and home cooks alike use it to heat up chicken wings and stir fries.

Gourmet donuts
According to trendspotting restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman, donuts in 2013 will become vehicles for gourmet, unexpected flavors and pairings, like foie gras jelly, kimchi donuts, and as replacements for hamburger buns. Also look for donuts pitched as ‘artisanal.’ In Canada, where donut shops are a ubiquitous presence in every town, creative bakers are playing with unexpected flavors like blueberry balsamic, toasted coconut and kaffir lime and pineapple vanilla rum, reports The Globe and Mail.

In a sign of increasing demand, last month The Telegraph reported that an entrepreneurial British man obtained the country’s first license to collect and sell seaweed. With miles and miles of coastline, the UK boasts an abundant resource of seaweed, which has become increasingly popular on menus across fine dining establishments around the world. Look for chefs to awaken to the ‘umami’ properties of seaweed and serve it in their restaurants. Meanwhile, roasted salted seaweed traditionally eaten with rice in Korea was likewise identified as a top snack trend to watch out for by trade fair the Sweets & Snacks Expo in the US.

Web TV
With more and more chefs moving their shows to the web, 2013 is poised to become a big year for online food porn viewing – and a shift away from food TV. For example, US celebrity chef Tom Colicchio recently launched a show called “Hooked Up” in collaboration with Reserve Channel, while British top model Jourdan Dunn also announced plans to launch a cooking show on Jay-Z’s YouTube channel Life and Times. Similarly, New York Baohaus chef Eddie Huang premiered his new uncensored show “Fresh Off the Boat” on Similarly, Saveur magazine teamed up with food channel Hungry to produce a cooking competition called “Dueling Dishes.”

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