Just as many of us find the sweetest of memories in puppy love, our old school days are another lifetime moment that keeps our hearts warm. Those were the days when a bunch of innocent schoolmates laughed out loud at the stupid things around us. Some remain good old friends while others disappeared from our lives before we even knew it.

More often than not you will find your circle of friends shrinking at a certain point of life. This is one of the saddest parts of life. But the good news is that you can quickly meet new friends, establish a social network and get involved in a host of awesome activities with a few simple taps/swipes on your mobile. Here are the top five ways to expand your social life:


Birds of a feather flock together and this is the working principle of Meetup.com, the definitive guide to the city’s leisure all around. The website lets people find or start their shared interest groups and literally meet up in real life. Feel free to join a wide range of hobbies from hiking to running, photography, dating, ball games, language exchange … you name it.


Hong Kong is unique and dynamic in every aspect and a quick way to discover amazing activities on the go is to download Timable, a mobile app which spots real-time happenings — culture, music, sports, art, entertainment, festivals and much more — all around the city. With this mobile app, every passing minute is another chance to rediscover great fun.


Sometimes it makes you lonely when have a mind to hang out with someone on your phone list but none is free to keep you company. It’s a bummer but it’s not the end of the world. You can step out and meet new people with the locally created app PlanDo. Simply create a new event online and right after that, members who are within two to three kilometres will get your new notification. Whether to join or not is their choice. In the same way you can join events or meet-ups created by other members. The app is easy to use and you can log in with your Facebook account.


Education is crucial in this knowledge-based economy but some argue your network is even more so, as it virtually equals your net worth. If this makes sense to you, quickly create a profile on Linkedin and build your network. As the world’s largest professional network, Linkedin allows users to put their CVs online, mingle with people upon request, join career-based communities and get news updates as well as insights.

Take a course

Even though you graduated from university long ago, you may return to it someday, as learning is a life-long process. While you enjoy learning something new, you can also take this chance to meet new people. Opportunity may even arise if you both click and work out a new business project. What’s more, the expense of taking courses qualifies for tax deductions if it meets certain requirements.