>> Let’s Explore The Neighbourhoods of The University of Hong Kong

One must admit that HKU offers a serene and relaxing environment but finding food off campus is one big feat. Surrounded wholly by residential buildings, students need to do quite a bit of walking in search of food.

The first option is Queen’s Road West, which you can reach by passing through the HKU MTR station and exiting at B2. Interesting eateries you should try include Junk Yard Dog Bar Café, a Nepalese restaurant which is only a 2-minute walk from Exit B2, and Comilonas, a private kitchen in an ordinary residential building that serves Catalonian cuisine.

The second option is head off to Second to Third Street between Water Street and Western Street. The area has around 20 restaurants that specialise in dishes such as Teppan Yaki, hot pot, vegan, Thai, Taiwanese, Spanish and Western etc.

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