Tired of canteen food? There is never need to worry about not finding any good food to fill your stomach because Homantin is packed with great choices. The choices are going to be so overwhelming that it might take you quite some time to decide.

Homantin Plaza/Oi Man Estate

If you are a lazy bum who doesn’t like to walk too far, you can head over to Homantin Plaza for dim sum, steak or fast food like Fairwood, McDonalds and KFC. Another option is Oi Man Cooked Food Stalls at Oi Man Estate, where you have a selection of local food like congee and noodles.

Victory Road

Further down Pui Ching Road is the intersection of Waterloo Road and Victory Road, you will be amazed by the range of international food you can find. From economical to mid-range prices, you can pick from Western, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, vegetarian, ramen, hot dog or just your neighbourhood cha chaan teng.

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