Lok Fu Plaza

Lok Fu Plaza is a reasonably close and priced location when looking for food between classes. It offers diners the choices of congee, noodles, barbeque meats, dumplings, sushi and fast food but don’t expect any surprises because like most shopping malls in Hong Kong, Lok Fu Plaza has mostly chain restaurants but with 40 restaurants to choose from, you can eat something different every day.

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Festival Walk

For a quick meal, you can head over to the food court on the top floor of Festival Walk. You can choose from Café de Coral, Pepper Lunch, McDonald’s, TamJai SamGor noodles, Xi Zhan barbeque meats, Lee Fa Yuen Express and Yoshinoya Japanese food. And if you have more time on your hands to enjoy a longer meal, there are agnes b. DELICES, Amaroni’s, Festive China, Queen’s Café and Pizza Express. Should you need a place to meet with your classmates for a group project, Festival Walk has six different cafes for you to pick.

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Kowloon City

If you want choices and save on your wallet, Kowloon City is the place to be if you don’t mind travelling a little bit farther. Known as Little Thailand, Kowloon City is home to many famous Thai restaurants if you are looking for something spicy and you can find the biggest concentration of Thai businesses on South Wall Street with snack stalls and grocery stores. Other choices available include Taiwanese noodles, hot pot, Vietnamese, Chinese, American and Japanese. Kowloon City also has a wide array of bakeries and dessert shops if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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