Feng Shui Tips For A Harmonious Home

The new lunar year officially begins on January 31, and any feng shui elements you want to incorporate into your home for the coming Horse year should be done and in place by February 4. In general, the Horse represents the Yang energy, and is one of two primal forces (the male one). On top of that, wood and horses go hand-in-hand, and it just so happens we’re entering a Wood Horse year. It’s a lucky year, when risks could pay off.

A lot of feng shui is about direction and in 2014, the northeast, east, northwest (no relation to Kanye) and southeast are trouble spots according to feng shui consultant Rodika Tchi. If you’re looking to protect your home, the northeast corner of your home needs a water element in it, and fire elements need to be kept out. The east needs to maintain a peaceful, even keel this year to keep energies that bring in illness to a minimum. Metal elements should balance the area, and once again, fire elements and their related colours should be avoided.

The northwest section of your home is where bad luck could gather and if you want to avoid that, keep this direction quiet, clutter free and try to stay away from disruptive renovations or remodelling for the year unless it’s absolutely crucial. Metal, white and round elements will mitigate negative energy and fire is an absolute no-no. But the relationship guiding southeast will accept fire, as in this area it will neutralise negativity. Ensure good natural light or lighting and keep it on the quiet side here too.

On the positive side, the south (where the wealth star is this year) and the north bode well this year for wealth. The south is where your fire elements need to be this year, either in colour (red, orange, yellow), while the north — guided by a fire star — needs to find a balance between that and water, which is the north’s main element, so care should be taken with too many water features. Also playing a role in the north this year is the number 9, so whatever you decide to do, try and do it nine times.

The west and southwest are where career and personal success will be ruled from, and so try to exploit positive energy in the west by including metal and earth elements and their complementing colours, such as blue and black. Difficult though it may be, try and keep wood out of the southwest, as a water element visiting star will finds its energy drained by the wood.

Juggling all the pieces this year could be a challenge, particularly if your home has a carefully planned design theme or concept that you want to maintain. Adding yellow in a given room or corner can be fraught with danger — at least stylistically. But feng shui is easier to apply than is sometimes perceived, and a fire or metal element can be as simple as candles (a breeze to fit in the home) or coins (no you have a good reason to dump your pockets everyday). Here’s hoping the fortunate southwest isn’t where your bathroom is.