Feng Shui is all about balance. As the Monkey Zodiac will soon take over the Goat, the stars in the sky are changing their position, which in turn altering the elements around us. Things are changing, so is the energy at our homes or workplaces, whether positive or negative. Here is a quick review of the nine orientations for 2016:
East – Romance and Celebration
The east is an auspicious orientation for romance, marriage and relationships. Keep nine red-coloured flowers in the east to maximize its effect. For couples, a photo of you and your loved one in the same spot can strengthen the relationship.

If the main entrance is in the east, place a red floor mat in the same direction. To make it even better, also put peach blossom and seasonal flowers during Chinese New Year to enhance luck in romance.

Southeast – Relationships and Networking
A lucky star in the southeast brings positive energy to relationship-based industries where communications are essential, such as the sales industry. Keep a plant (with water) in the southeast to maximize its energy (bright-coloured plants for singles). Place a blue floor mat if your entrance is in this direction.

South – Power and Achievements
The south represents power, which helps increase your income and chances for a promotion. Placing a jade seal in your office in this direction can bring good luck, particularly for management levels. If the office entrance is in the south, put a yellow floor mat as well.

Southwest – Wealth and Promotion
The outlook for the southwest is one of the most positive. Try to keep your window open if it faces towards this direction. Keep it lively by placing red-coloured items (such as a calendar or Fai Chun) where possible. A pendulum clock and electrical fan will do as well. If the entrance is at the southwest, place a red blanket.

West – Academic and Literacy
The west is ideal for academic studies and relocating desks facing it is a great way to welcome positive energy. If the main entrance is in the west, place a blue blanket and four Lucky Bamboo in this direction to strengthen its power.

Northwest – Gossip and Conflict
The northeast is prone to arguments and lawsuits. If the main entrance sits on there, it’s wise to keep calm and manage your emotions. To offset the wood element of the northwest, place red-coloured items in the position. If you have a northwest-facing entrance, a good way to balance out the negative energy is to place a red floor mat.

North – Loss in Finance and Relationships
The north is prone to financial loss and conflicts. Use the water element to balance out the negativity. One practical way is to keep a small aquarium with six black molly fish, along with a blue floor mat at the entrance if it is in this direction.

Northeast – Negativity and Devastation
The northeast is a source for negative energy. It is best to keep the area peaceful and low-key, and avoid any kind of construction or renovation where possible. To offset the negativity, place a floor mat in golden or apricot colour and copper-made doorbell at the northeast-facing entrance.

Centre – Sickness
The central position is where negativity gathers. To minimize its influence, place a copper-made Chinese bottle gourd in this direction. Install a copper wind chime if the problem persists.

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