In Feng Shui, the kitchen traditionally represents the lady of the house and the studies the male homeowner because back in the old days, men wouldn’t enter the kitchen and women not the studies.

As men and women are equally career driven these days, regardless of past conventions, we can use the same way to enhance career success for both men and women.

We should pay attention to the location of the study desk. It should be placed against a solid wall and you should not have your back to a corridor or window. The lack of ‘backing’ represents the lack of benefactors and you will find it hard to gain recognition from your boss. What you should do is move your desk, if this is not possible, put a rock mountain sculpture behind where you sit.

In addition, you should not have your back to the door or sit next to it because doors are an opening for fortune to flow through, so make sure that it is not obstructed.

We can do some simple decoration based on the location of each year’s lucky stars. Career and authority are represented by Flying Star 6 and in 2016, it is in the south and it is a gold element. We can place a jade seal to boost the effects of this lucky star because jade is an earth element and gold grows from it; furthermore, jade seal is a symbol of power and authority. In terms of boosting wealth, take advantage of Flying Star 8, which is an earth element and a wealth star. This star is in the southwest this year and you can place a treasure bowl both at home and work to ‘collect’ wealth.

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