The study of Feng Shui is all about the balance of energy (Qi). Through the placement of Feng Shui elements, we can gather positive energy to assure health and good fortune, but at the same time, we can channel out negative energy to create harmony in our space.

How do we know if the energy is positive or negative? In fact, we can tell the “nature” of the energy by observing our surroundings. We need to know the source of energy, the nature of the energy and how it affects us and members of our family. Often, the priority is to prevent negative energy from entering our space. The three simplest approaches to manage negative energies are Block, Shield and Avoidance.

First, let’s start by identifying common negativity sources around our homes.

Bow/ blade shaped curves
Bending roads that are shaped like curved blades are considered bad Feng Shui, as the blade-like curves will bring bad luck on health and create high possibilities for bloodshed or surgery.

If your building or house is located across the curve, you can use broadleaved plants to shield your home from the negative energy. Plants, such as Pothos, Canes or Bamboos are commonly used for shielding purposes and are easy to keep around the house.

When your window is looking out towards the curved road, such as overpasses or curved highway, you should block the energy from entering your home. A combination of curtains and convex mirrors will do the trick. Curtains should be kept down at all times, and the convex mirror should be placed right outside the window, facing the curve, to divert the energy. (Mirrors are commonly used in Feng Shui – check out “Mirror in Feng Shui” to learn more about mirrors in Feng Shui).

Lamp posts
For individual houses or low-rise apartments, you may see lamp posts when you look out the window. Looking straight at a lamp post is also bad Feng Shui, as the obstructed view will bring bad luck to your career. Bright light from the lamp posts will also affect sleep quality, which in turn creates bad luck on health issues. The best way is to keep curtains down at all times to block the lamp post from view and keep the bright light from shining into your home.

Pointy objects
Any pointy object, such as antennas or building corners, directing to your home is bad Feng Shui, as it introduces “Sha”, a sense of killing into your living space. “Sha” will bring bad luck to your health, imbalance in relationships, possible bloodsheds, and complicated legal matters. Again, the simplest way is to avoid or to block the energy. Curtains, Convex mirrors or Baqua are the best tools in keeping out the negative energy.

General Feng Shui for the family
Feng Shui affects members of the household more effectively, depending on the direction of the energy source. The “Family and Directions” table acts as easy reference on how negative energy can affect members of your family.

Living in a dense city like Hong Kong, negative Feng Shui elements are often unavoidable. The general rule is how you feel in your living space. As mentioned in my earlier articles, here at the Space, distance and proximity to energy sources affect its intensity and impacts. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy when looking out at the surrounding elements, try to block it from your view. If the lamp post or the antenna doesn’t bother you at all, then try not to be overly worried. Keep in mind, the key to good Feng Shui is balance, harmony and inner-peace.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.