Founded by Linda Quach, KAMBODJA is a brand new, socially responsible fashion accessories brand. Deeply influenced by its founder’s French-Khmer heritage, KAMBODJA’s contemporary bags and accessories are defined by a casually sleek, quietly exotic spirit.

By purchasing KAMBODJA’s fashion accessories, consumers contribute to helping people in Cambodia. The brand’s mission is to provide empowerment and fair job opportunities for the disadvantaged communities in Cambodia and education and skilled employment for young Cambodians trapped in poverty. BuyMeDesign spoke to Quach about KAMBODJA’s exotic, minimalist designs, her way of giving back to Cambodia and participating at In bed With Designers Hong Kong this December.

What makes your creations different and unique?
From a fashion and design point-of-view, it is definitely the balance between the clean lines and shapes and the contemporary twist on exoticism, which is very specific to KAMBODJA. KAMBODJA’s accessories are perfect for people who love mixing and matching when styling their contemporary look.

Each creation is unique, not just because of the design but also for the difference it makes in someone’s life, as we empower people in need introduced to us by NGOs in Cambodia. We give back a percentage of our profit to an NGO helping young Cambodians out of poverty by offering them an education and a skilled employment in IT.

What do you think will Hongkongers love most about your designs?
Maybe the fact that KAMBODJA’s designs are an invitation to travel, discover and help an amazing country: Cambodia. This invitation also exudes something French and sophisticated … which gives KAMBODJA’s designs a unique and irresistible charm. At least, this is the way I hope Hongkongers will perceive our designs.

What are your dreams for your brand?
I dream that more and more people worldwide will fall in love with KAMBODJA’s designs and mission; I hope that KAMBODJA will inspire people.

Could you tell us about the design you have submitted for the Spot Design Award?
I have submitted the KAMBODJA Pocket Square, a classical and traditional pocket square redefined from a modern design perspective. It is, for example, preformed, slanted and made of leather. The hidden beauty of the pocket square is that it is as contemporary and trendy as this fashion accessory can be, and also stays true to KAMBODJA’s social responsibility mission.

Date: 2015-10-29