Technology has found its way into every part of our lives. Gone are the days when it was just a refrigerator in the kitchen and a vacuum cleaner under the stairs. Now tech designs can be utilised in every room of the house and there are hundreds of products to choose from. Don’t be overwhelmed, however. We are here to walk you through the latest, chicest tech designs out there.

Elemental Sound with Pelty
Get back to basics with this speaker which mixes ancient technology (fire) with the ultra modern (bluetooth speaker). One candle can run the speaker for five hours. Not only that, but its sleek and smart design is hand created in Italy from ceramic, glass and timber.

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Magnum Lamp

This satellite shaped lamp is the perfect example of technology meeting with practicality. The lamp has two main components, the matte black aluminum rod and a luminous acrylic disc with a shorter rod at the center. Using technology adapted from the automobile industry, the Magnum lamp can be used in a number of different combinations. You can have it as a pendant lamp, table lamp or wall lamp.

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Moss Humidifier

Nature meets tech design in this electric humidifier by Korean designer Giha Woo. Moss has long been used as a natural way to humidify homes and here it is used to enhance the work of the electric humidifier. When the electric part of the piece is turned off, the moss continues to do its job. This is a hybrid humidifier that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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Jake Rich has rethought the microwave. It’s round, it’s portable and it’s going to change the way you cook. The microwave boasts a footprint just bigger than a dinner plate and seeks to revolutionize the microwave experience by making it more intimate. The perforated glass dome that forms the lid means that food is easily viewed and accessed. As Rich put it: “Having your food accessible at any moment was a way of trying to counter the feeling of detachment people have from their food when they cook it in a conventional microwave.”

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Cup-shaped Kettle

Over filling kettles is one of the big energy wasters of our time. If only there was a way to easily and accurately know how much water was needed for your tea or coffee refreshment. Welcome the KTTL from Anna Czaniecka. With a standard kettle it can be hard to gauge how much water you are putting in it, but with Czaniecka’s kettle its very obvious. Not only is it useful but we love the funky and quirky aesthetic.

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Keen to ride the eco-fashion trend, musician has teamed up with coca cola to create the ekocycle. This smart and compact 3D printer creates wearable accessories, iPhone cases and desk decor from re-used coke bottles. Genius.

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.