It was an experience like no other spending the weekend at the Parisian Macao, an ornately decorated hotel charmed with accents of Baroque extravagance with modern elegance.

I arrived at the Sands-owned Parisian Macao with high expectations, and I was not let down. Stepping into the multi-level lobby rotunda, I was immediately overwhelmed by the grandeur of its majestic aura formed by the dazzling white marble surface, the fountain in the centre modelled on Place de la Concorde and the gleaming dome above.

My Gallic stay started at the extravagant reception – walls painted in burgundy with massive murals extended to the ceiling, resembling the king’s bedroom at Versailles or the galleries at the Louvre.

The check-in was swift and the staff enormously cheerful, giving me enough assistance on the direction to my room. This seems trivial, but indeed integral, particularly when you are navigating such an immense interior.

The hallway to the guest elevator is a feast for the eyes. I couldn’t quite decide what to rest my eyes on – the marble walls and colonnades, the glistening chandeliers, the golden mansard roofs or the extravagant painted ceilings. Ten minutes later, I arrived at my room.

Located on the 19th floor of the North Wing, my deluxe room came with a sizeable footprint of 33 square metres fitted with a king-size bed, a 55’ HD TV and everything that a jaded traveller, like me, desires. If I must nitpick, it would have been nice to replace the arm chair with a two-seater, or simply adding a footstool.

A third of the 3,000 guest rooms face out to the hotel’s highlight – the half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, but due to high occupancy (claimed to be 90% during the weekend), I settled with the one facing the Four Seasons with the Galaxy in sight, which is, actually, not bad either.

In stark contrast to the sumptuous atrium, my room embraces a more subtle appeal that brims with elegance and cosiness, having being clothed in beige contrasted with a burst of vermilion. But I didn’t spend much time inside my room as what’s outside is even more dizzying.

Knowing I can easily squander hours at the Shoppes at Parisian, an indoor shopping mall evoking the renowned Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Place Vendôme in Paris, I managed to walk pass it to be wowed by the outdoor charm.

In the garden area you can find a downsized carousel, a replica of the famed Moulin Rouge, with the Eiffel Tower clearly part of the appeal. I particularly adore the night time spectacle of the Parisian building marked by the gleaming Eiffel Tower and the light projection on the exterior.

After winding down at the swimming pool, I visited the Le Buffet on the ground floor for dinner. The place dashes off a bountiful array of international food, with its macarons and French pizzas two of the must-tries.

Like many casino resorts in Macau, the casino is often located right in the centre and in close proximity to everything in the hotel; likewise, the casino at Parisian can be accessed next to the guest elevators, tempting stayers to spend some cash before they go to sleep. I fall into the trap that night, but I’m glad I did.

A day is certainly insufficient to explore the 5,200 square metres of Parisian Macao. The ornately fashioned hotel is obviously designed for an abundance of photo opportunities where capturing the miniature replicas alone may take a whole day.

While Hong Kong people are no stranger to luxury casino resorts in Macau, the Parisian remains an option not to be missed, even for frequent visitors to Macau, because of its glamorous Gallic beauty penetrating its decor and the amenities that are highly enticing.

Rating (5 is the highest)

Environment: 4/5 Location: 4/5 Amenities: 4/5 Sleep Quality: 3/5