Boris Design Studio adds a green touch to this eco-friendly neon case for iPhone 4/4S! You might be a tech-addict and a high-end products fan; it doesn’t mean you don’t have an eco-friendly bone in your body. You might be sensitive to issues such as the world-wide increasing waste of plastic. Rather than buying a cheap case for your iPhone 4 or 4S (cheap implying it will break easily and you’ll have to throw it away), you are looking for something a bit more durable…

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The Good

It’s green…
The Eco Touch case for iPhone 4/4S answers your demand for eco iPhone accessories. Indeed this case is made of plastic but of a special one. Called eco-plastic it comes from recycled materials and particularly biodegradable corn plastic. It’s what also gives the soft touch to the case and it’s so very fitting name.

But it’s also neon red…
Because everyone has heard the words eco-friendly applied one too many times to the most boring products, Boris Design Studio wanted to show that green rock a cool attitude. That’s why this case is neon red, a color generally associated with true plastic, mass consuming, dashing gadgets, toxicity…

The Bad

If you’re eco-friendly conscious is grower weaker these days, you are probably just waiting for the occasion to ditch your iPhone 4 to get its update, numero 5… Then it’s probably not the best time for you to invest in a brand new case right?

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The Det’s

Contains: transparent film (for the screen) + tool to help attaching it + cleaning cloth
Material Biodegradable corn plastic
Weight 50g
Size 116 x 61 x 7.6 mm
Made In China

Product Details

The Designers

Anna Karlsson and Katarina Ivarsson are two young Swedes based in Hong Kong. They founded Boris Design Studio in 2009, and oh how that little one has grown since! Although their creations are eclectic, they are made coherent through their shared sense of humor and their green-orientated features. The objects signed Boris are thought for the touching: “we also believe that it will make you feel that it is a special product that you hold in your hand!”

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