The gastronomic wonders of Italy are stealing the spotlight at the newly renovated GREAT Food Hall, where the ‘Eat Italian’ promotion will host from 20 September to 10 October. Gourmet enthusiasts joining in this GREAT journey will no doubt find infinite inspiration.

Essential Italian Tastes

88 Italia offers an exceptionally high quality range of olive oils, sauces, spreads, juices and cookies that are wholesome, tasty and exclusively Italian-made. The award-winning Olivo Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is robust and peppery. Better suited for everyday cooking though is the 100% Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an earthy flavour and spicy finish.

La Rustichella has become one of the leading companies in the truffle market. Driven by a passion to create high quality innovative products, each and every item is made following time-honoured traditions in Norcia. The brand’s Black Truffle Flavoured Balsamic Vinegar is a versatile condiment that gives an incomparable flavour to a wide range of dishes.

Classic Pasta Flavours

Di Martino is one of Italy’s oldest pasta companies. Perforated bronze plates are used to mould the pasta and give it the special coarseness it needs to better absorb sauces, followed by slowdrying at low temperatures to maintain the flavour and integrity of the wheat.

The village of Fara San Martino is where Delverde has been producing pasta the old-fashioned way since 1967, using the finest durum wheat semolina, pure spring water from the Verde River, bronze dies, in addition to slow-dry processes. Made of semolina with tomato, each sheet just needs to be dipped into warm water for a few minutes while layering the lasagna.

Ligurian Biscuits

Pandolio uses 30% extra virgin olive oil in lieu of butter, and minimal sugar to craft these light, crispy and easily digestible biscuits.

Deli Highlights

Bertinelli’s Parmigiano Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse is the ultimate Parmesan cheese, made from the rich and creamy milk of red cows indigenous to northern Italy. Made according to 800-year-old traditions, it is an all-natural, additive-free cheese containing only milk, rennet and a little salt.

Premium quality cured meats are what Golfera have been dedicated to producing for over 50 years. One of its specialties is the Gioya con Tartufo, a traditional mortadella paste flecked with black truffle. The flavour and aroma of this gourmet mortadella is a truly exquisite experience.

Sustainable Caviar

Italian craftsmanship meets cutting edge aquaculture in the Calvisius Tradition range of farmed-raised caviar, made exclusively using the roe of white sturgeon. The sturgeons are born and raised in pristine spring water ponds and nurtured for at least twelve years.

Artisanal Pizza

PizzaPala is one of the newest additions to GREAT’s gourmet takeaway. Here, customers can try authentic Roman-style pizza crafted from high hydration dough, which makes it light yet crispy with a puffy crust – the telltale signs of a well-made pizza.