Earth-friendly Products For Home

We all want new furniture from time to time; we all want to indulge our more decadent side without going out. All that can be done while staying green. The right product here and a little re-usable couch frame there and you’ve given your home or yourself a new, eco-friendly look.

There’s more than one way to be environmentally conscious, and one of the easiest is to reduce, reuse and recycle. When it comes to home interiors, vintage and antique furniture is unique, super-stylish and often far from cheap. Vintage studio Casa Capriz’s latest addition to its get-it-before-it’s-gone collection is a pair of Aldo Morbelli armchairs. The Torino-based Morbelli was a renowned architect that worked in the early 20th century and was something of an Italian Le Corbusier. The chairs spring up through vintage dealers from time to time and are always a hot item.

The kitchen can be one of the most energy inefficient rooms in the house, what with the fridge, the stove, sometimes oven, blender, microwave, and food processor going at the same time on a holiday. To keep the consumption down try Bauknecht’s induction technology ovens, designed to save up to 50 percent of your time and your money. “This special cooking and baking method allows perfect cooking from underneath thanks to the induction spirals and also from above thanks to the grill; thus turning food is a thing of the past,” says Bauknecht. The oven features 16 preset options that eliminate wasteful preheating but can also be used without the induction feature to allow for conventional cooking functions.

Last but not least, Hong Kong retailer Mayarya is bringing new organic skincare to the SAR. The New York-based John Masters Organic Skincare is based on a philosophy of using only the purest components on the body but of also taking a moment to consider only natural and renewable sources to do so. John Masters’ products use Moroccan argan oil, green tea, shea butter and rose oil among other natural ingredients in everything from moisturisers to sunscreens for its safe, green beauty products. Similarly, the additive-free Erbaviva range is designed specifically for newborns delicate skin in mind, and neither brand is tested on animals. Who said being gorgeous wasn’t doing something for Mother Earth?