Alumni of PolyU’s SDWorks go from classroom to retail with innovative designer products, with a little help from project director and senior teaching fellow Ernesto Spicciolato.


During the academic years of 2015 and 2016, year-three industrial and product design students Johnny Lam, Rachel Leung and Scarlet Ngai developed a lighting solution that was portable, compact, easy to assemble and easy to ship. In fact, all of the components that make up the Enveloped desk lamp can fit into a standard A4 size envelope.

Perfect for Hong Kong’s pint-sized apartments with their awkward dark corners, Enveloped’s minimal design allows for adjustable height and light direction. Powered by USB, it features a touch sensor switch, maple wood base with a felt finish in various colours, a hand anodised aluminium bar and a 3D printed connector.


Designed by year-three students in industrial and product design in 2015, Marbling is a collection of earrings and necklaces that explore the possibilities of glass.

Kevin and Ivy wanted to examine the projections of coloured glass upon the human body, as they felt that skin can be a canvas for expressing style and personality. The finely polished fused glass pieces are each unique, like individual snowflakes, with colour combinations and organic shapes that allow light to pass through beguilingly.


First created when they were both year-three industrial and product design students in 2011, Pomch has evolved into a popular Hong Kong brand with a flagship boutique in PMQ. Jeffrey Leung and Felix Tai stayed true to their core mandate of questioning the dichotomy between industrial elements’ standardisation and fashion’s expression of individualism.

Its products include a 13-inch laptop clutch in polyurethane made from recycled old tyres. The industrial stamp can be seen as an imprint of a tool such as a wrench or pliers, underscoring the fashionable product’s mechanical birthing process.

Tend to Zero

The project by year-two industrial and product design students during the 2013 to 2014 academic year addresses stationery in a holistic way. The collection is simple, minimal and clean, using hidden ferrite magnets to keep everything tidy and together. Tend to Zero consists of an A4 folder, pencil case, A5 notebook, A6 notebook and business card case, all available in a lightweight grey coloured water resistant paper with a gold embossed logo on the front bottom right corner.