Design CommitteeSometimes more creative minds is indeed merrier

LLS Design isn’t a cabal, but it was formed by a group of interiors professionals to tackle both interior and exterior design on a wide array of projects. Square Foot chats with LLS’s Creative Directors Lawrence Lau and Helen Siauw about change, solutions and communication.

Tell us a bit about yourself and LLS. How did the studio come to be?
LLS Design & Associates was established in 2003. We aim to provide high quality architectural and interior design services.

“We are context-driven” is our company mission [statement], and that led us to manage the integration of lifestyle and create harmonious comfort and colourful living. We approach each step carefully and strictly, from design concept, to detail design, material selection and purchasing to project management.

You do a wide variety of projects. Is the approach to all of them the same? Does each have the same goal?
“Everyone wants an ideal home.” This is the goal in mind for every project that I observed in experience.

In response to different requirements, we must understand the customer’s wants and needs for space or even wardrobe intervals. It’s essential for any perfect, simple design; it’s behind the designer’s perseverance and persistence as well as the result of communication with customers, in terms of constructing a beautiful and practical dream place.

What are some of the challenges you face working in Hong Kong spaces?
Space in Hong Kong is not a new problem. If we talk about this as a challenge, we better consider the difficulty in how to transfer each preference to fit in the space. We found this is the most challenging and interesting element, and we need to face it rigorously and seriously.

Do you have any design influences that you include in your work?
After several years in this industry, we [come across] a lot of new knowledge. Things that inspire us are not limited to design, but include work and attitudes. Being professional interior designers, we have continued learning and observing from the world to reinforce our skills and scope.

Do you see consumer attitudes towards interior design changing?
Customers now are educated and cosmopolitan. Their standards and requirements are already “out of the box”. Colour schemes, for instance, warm colour tones have been the main elements for home use traditionally. But today, cool colour tones and exotic styles also apply. Material section, storage, design trends and so on are so different than they previously were. In order to close the change or even step faster than our customers and to provide useful advice, we have to look for new inspiration constantly.

What’s on your wish list of spaces to design?
We’d love to do a serviced apartment or a whole building — interior and exterior — in the near future.