You don’t need us to tell you that residing in Hong Kong means compromising on living space. However, we’re here to assure you that renting a shoebox doesn’t mean being unable to decorate it. We’ve curated six ingenious home decorations that will help you make the most of every square inch in a small space.

Beautiful Boxes

Stop right here and start throwing out all of these unsightly plastic and cardboard storage boxes at home (we’re not judging, we’ve been there too). If you have to keep your things boxed up, be kind to your eyes and store all that stuff somewhere pretty. Reflection Carnarvon by BONNSU is a stackable container inspired by medieval castle towers. They can be arranged in many ways for elegant and playful organisation of personal items, transforming messy spaces into modern displays.

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Sticky Solution

Having a hard time finding your keys and other valuables amidst the mess? Then WIMAGINIST’s Wikey will come in handy. This clever little invention is capable of sticking to about any flat surface, so you won’t get yelled at by your landlord and neighbours for drilling holes into your walls.

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Squared Away

Marco Ripa’s three-dimensional, sculptural magazine rack plays tricks on your eyes. Its intriguing design, based on the overlapping of a cube and a parallelepiped, makes you wonder how it’s structured. And hey, it’s functional too: Who’s Next keeps your magazines organised without making your home look cramped.

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Hang Out

A little birdie told us that you don’t have enough room in your closet either. A great way of organising your wardrobe is hanging your most frequently used items somewhere else. How about mounting this stylish coat hanger by Enrico Zanolla on your door or wall for optimal space saving?

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Perfectly Pinned

Use it to leave post-it notes to your roommate slash significant other, to pin up receipts, bills, as a jewellery board … the possibilities are endless with this cute wall bar by WIMAGINIST. Goodbye chaos, hello tidiness.

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Stack Up

These clever Joker Shelves by Marco Ripa are a jack-of-all-trades: They’re designed to be stacked (and packed) as you like. The shelves’ convenient, square shape makes them a perfect fit for saving liveable space while working as a perfect organiser for your personal items.

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