You truly understand the value of money when you move out for the first time. There are a lot of hidden costs when it comes to buying furniture and decorations for your apartment – for example, did you know how much a rubbish bin cost before moving out? If you are fresh out of college and starting your first job, chances are you are on a tight budget for home decoration. If you want to make your first home a comfortable and livable space, here are a few budget-friendly tips to achieve this goal!

Start with a colour scheme.

Your home should reflect your personality – if you have a bold personality, choose bright colours and arrange your decorations according to this colour scheme. If you are more modest and laid-back, choose a neutral and light colour scheme, such as shades of white, beige, grey and brown.

Paint an accent wall.

Instead of painting all the walls of your room, save money by painting one of the walls a rich colour. Accent walls can create a modern look and bring the focus to a certain part of the room, as it creates a difference from four traditional white walls. Depending on your preference, you can choose to paint the particular wall a bright colour or a neutral tone for minimal contrast.

Buy high quality pieces at a great price.

Instead of spending a large amount of money on good quality purchases, try to combine quality and price when purchasing decorations. For example, if you buy a glass vase, you do not need to choose one from an expensive brand, as all glass vases generally look the same. If you are looking for simple designs, Ikea usually has high quality decorations for a cheap price.

DIY decorations instead of buying it.

Some decorations are easy to make – instead of buying decoration, check out websites such as Pinterest and Youtube for simple tutorials. Other than saving a few bucks, you can express your creative freedom and treat it as a weekend project!

Add flowers or plants to your space.

If you are stumped for ideas on how to decorate your space, try adding fresh flowers or plants to bring natural beauty to your apartment. Other than aesthetic value, fresh flowers and plants also clean the air, calm your heart rate and lower blood pressure.