Creative Spring Collection for HomesIt seems everywhere you turn there’s an interior retailer that claims to have the final word in sustainable/design-forward/ contemporary/your adjective here home furnishings. Each shop has its strengths but it’s easy to confuse them after a day of shopping. But if you’re looking to mix it up this season and step off the beaten path, you may want to drop in to OVO home.

Perched on the corner where Queen’s and Hennessy Roads diverge is OVO home, specialising in furniture, accessories, designer collections, art and even garden products. It stands out for having a showroom in middle of Hong Kong if nothing else. OVO trades in lifestyle products that it describes as combining Eastern and Western sensibilities. “We have taken inspiration from Chinese accents and combined it with Western design features,” explains Thomas Ma, who co-founded the shop in 2000. OVO’s own line indeed often marries opposing styles, materials and design, like the Jie chair, which blends bamboo and silk with traditionally Western colours. Or its simple platform shelf rooted in Chinese architecture that mimics the steps that lead into the temple of heaven. “In our design we adopted this and designed it with a step, a ‘leg’ underneath,” Ma notes. The Bing table has an antique Chinese base topped by a contemporary Western piece of glass.

So what makes OVO stand out from the similarly positioned TREEs, Indigos and Tequila Kolas of our world? Ma points to diversity, flexibility and its furniture consultancy service. “We provide a diversity of products to our customers — not only furniture but also decoration, lighting, sculptures and so on. All these elements can change a house into a home and liven up the interior,” he explains. It also means mixing and matching and really driving that East-meets-West look home, or any other look that’s desired. “We understand that each customer has their own style and taste to fit into their unique space. Therefore, we offer custom-made furniture services … Customers can choose from our array of fabric and material and sizes to custom-make their piece,” Ma continues.

Finally there’s an interior design angle that could come in handy for those of us on really strict budgets — be it space, cash or time. “We also understand the needs of busy Hong Kong people. They might have bought a lovely house but have no time to think about the interior theme and styling. We therefore provide this service to help our customers create their dream home.”

So with spring upon us, OVO is launching some new pieces and ideas for the season that can easily carry over into summer. “We have many exciting products coming — more teak and wood products, recycled wood furniture to join our collections. What’s more, we will carry on introducing more new furniture and decoration from our brands to our customers,” explains Ma.

True to its image, the new range of lighting, furniture and accessories is one part eclectic, one part ultra-chic and one part regional mishmash. Which is good. Standouts include the brightly coloured, microfiber Bloom and the rattan and nylon Yoda easy chairs; Fin lights by Tom Dixon, where the inner gears are incorporated into the design; the kid-friendly Harry (and indeed hairy) Rocking Stools that re-envision the old rocking horse; and the stainless steel and appear CUCMe screen. Spring just got pleasantly odd.