Creative Living Space For Kids

Children’s bedrooms are about much more than sleeping. Sometimes they’re a juvenile sanctuary, sometimes a punishment, but they’re always the first space in which kids can express themselves as they choose. If Katie or Timmy want posters of Justin Bieber on their walls (perish the thought) then so be it. If they want black walls so they can better get into that “old timey” Nine Inch Nails CD they found in storage, so be it.

But a kid’s room also needs to be functional and conducive to relaxing, learning and socialising. Too often, it’s white paint, cold tile and bland stain resistant fabrics. You put an effort into the bathroom and master bedroom, so why not make the same effort for the next generation of world leaders?

Perhaps the first things you notice about any room when you walk into it is the general ambience. Sure, kids need good light but that doesn’t need to equate with glaring walls and fluorescent bulbs. To combat this drudgery, Assia Bennani’s Marguerite & Gribouilli creative workshop specialises in stickers, chalkboards and custom wall paintings that will not only brighten up a room but ideally create a nurturing and inspiration space. As Bennani explains it, “In terms of decoration, designing a wall in a child’s or play room is the best way to give the space a strong personality and make it unique. Walls are a window to [the child’s] little world and I simply love exploring it. Each kid is different and has an inexhaustible imagination.” Consulting with the kids in particular gives the creative process its singularity.

One of the most fundamental items in a kid’s room is a desk. Initially for purely amusing creativity and later for study, parents can go through countless desks as a kid grows — which is an average of one to two inches per year. It’s wasteful and expensive. Available at Nerd Kids for Living, German-made Moll desks are designed to grow with kids, and features Moll’s own yo-yo height adjustment mechanism. The Champion model’s split desktops tilt either on one side or the entire top to make drawing and reading easier, while the Booster boasts the bonus of side drawers for added organisation. Whether Katie or Timmy turns into writers, mathematicians or architects, the Molls are designed to function for each need.

Finally, come bedtime, the common thinking is that kids will sleep anywhere on anything. Not true. Remember the princess and her pea? And truth be told this writer still recalls her Empire Strikes Back fondly and can probably give a dissertation about Darth Vader as an allegory for Augustus Caesar because of it. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep — and growing kids require it even more. Linen House has just launched its new Hiccups line of children’s bedding and accessories in time for the school year when it really counts. Fun, inspiring, engaging and above all well constructed and affordable, the line includes bed sheets, quilt covers, throws, themed cushions, canopies and beanbags in pirate, superhero and princess themes for kids, and more basic designs for infants. Linen House describes the Ahoy Pirates! line as for boys and the Princess and the Pea set as for girls, but that’s up to your kids. It’s never too early to start asserting personality after all.