Couch SurfingSofaSale is Hong Kong’s premiere online furniture retailer and it’s in the midst of shaking up the furniture retailing landscape. By taking charge of every aspect of production, the comprehensive manufacturer produces distinctive, modern and affordable furniture pieces and sells direct to consumers.

Motivated by the lack of affordable, quality furniture in the Hong Kong market, in 2009 SofaSale started to diversify its furniture export business and set up its own retailing branch in order to gain direct access to Asian consumers. Last year SofaSale served several thousand customers and, given its over 15,000 Facebook friends, it seems many of them are satisfied with their purchases. They want to be linked with the SofaSale brand and receive updates on future promotions.

What is SofaSale’s secret?
SofaSale’s designs are largely European in origin and they have their own manufacturing facilities in China, where the company has total control over quality and production. From conception to delivery, everything is done in-house. As a result, each piece retains great character, the quality is secured and lead-times are the best in the market.

SofaSale is currently offering over 1,500 pieces at sale prices on its website and is operating a New York loft-style showroom, located in an old industrial building in Quarry Bay.

Being primarily an online store, SofaSale creates a unique “browsing” experience for customers, and once a decision as be made there is a showroom to see, touch and discuss specific furniture items and wishes with SofaSale Furniture consultants.

In this low cost set-up, the cost savings are not banked as profits, but for the most part handed back to consumers. These savings are reflected in spectacular SofaSale sales prices. Those price incentives have attracted many satisfied customers time and time again. This might be the key to SofaSale’s success and of its unique business model.