Zero carbon buildings are all the hype nowadays – other than completely reducing carbon emissions, these types of buildings can even create extra energy and supply to other energy stations. While zero carbon homes may be a bit costly for the average homeowner, low carbon homes can be easily achieved by replacing common household objects. With these hip and trendy products, you can live in style and save the environment at the same time!

Bamboo-made waste composting machine

Composting has never been easier – this may look like a simple wooden table on the outside, but this kitchen table helps you store compost and reduce up to 80% of solid food waste. Once you collect enough compost, you can convert it into organic fertilizer and use it to grow your own vegetables!

Bladeless ceiling fan

Nowadays our fans don’t need blades anymore – other than for aesthetic appeal and energy conservation purposes, bladeless ceiling fans include air suction and 360 degree airflow. With this type of fan installed at home, you probably never have to turn on the aircon again!

Cooling headboard

The headboard may make the bed look like a space cabin, but futuristic appearance aside, this cooling headboard can effectively decrease the temperature by 3 degrees. As the headboard can open and close, closed headboards can focus the cool air around the bed. 3 degrees may not sound like much, but with this cooling headboard installed in the bedroom, you can save up to 10% of air-conditioning costs.

Dyson Airblade tap hand dryer

On the outside this may look like a simple water tap, but the two sides are actually an advanced hand dryer that can completely dry hands in 12 seconds. Other than providing convenience, the Airblade tap hand dryer reduces 72% of CO2 levels compared to conventional hand dryers and can reduce up to 68% of paper towel usage.