Most homeowners are willing to spend a fortune in the quest to create the perfect kitchen. Across most cultures, the kitchen has become a statement that reflects the lifestyle and values of the inhabitants.

When it comes to feng shui, the kitchen is also an important element that contributes to the balance of the home. The stove, a symbolic element of a functional kitchen, has major impact on health and wealth, depending on its orientation.

Get to know some simple ways of avoiding negativity in plans for your perfect kitchen. The following is a list of don’ts for the orientation of the all-important stove.

Back to the Main Entrance

It attracts gossip and bad monetary luck when the back of the stove and the main entrance are facing each other. The ideal solution is to turn the stove sideways, away from the entrance.

Next to WC

The imbalance of opposing elements of fire (from the kitchen) and water (from the washroom) will adversely affect family and interpersonal relationships and health. The best way to avoid these is to change the position of either the stove or the water closet — whichever is easier. Alternatively, place a potted plant in between them to balance the opposing energies. (See Washroom in Feng Shui to learn more about these contradicting elements.)

Next to the Bed

Having the stove next to the bed is an undesirable setting. Again, it will give rise to poor family and interpersonal relationships, violent tempers and even poor health. The ideal solution is to relocate the stove or move the bed away from the partitioning wall.

Open Space behind Stove

Without a wall or structure to lean against, a stand-alone stove will bring bad luck to relationships and wealth. In addition, this setting is a potential fire hazard for its likelihood of unexpected wind blowing through an open window or anywhere else. The best approach is to align the stove against a wall or fixture.

Ceiling Beams Overhead

Having ceiling beams above the stove will badly affect the health and wealth of the home’s inhabitants, especially women. The best solution is to relocate the stove. Covering the beam with wood or installing the cooker hood can alternate the flow of negative energy.

Stove in the Island

Having the stove at the centre of kitchen intensifies the fire element, which will degrade family and interpersonal relationships. To restore harmony it’s a good idea to relocate the stove away from the centre and closer or adjacent to the surrounding wall. If you have an island stove, you may want to consider simply redesigning the kitchen.

While you are investing in the perfect kitchen, it’s always a good idea to make reference to this list for stove orientation. A perfect kitchen should be balanced in appearance and functions — as well as feng shui ambiance.

Please refer the article of ‘Kitchen in Feng Shui’ for more information.