This year GREAT presents several fully cooked festive meals, suitable for gatherings both big and small. Each of the four delightful set menus features a main course, festive side dishes, accompanying sauces and a holiday dessert. Choices include the Traditional Whole Turkey Set at $1,500 (serves 10-12 people), Festive Glazed Ham Set $1,800 (serves 10-12 people), Holiday Ham & Turkey Set $1,200 (serves 6-8 people), and Roast Turkey Crown Set $800 (serves 4 people)

Traditional Whole Turkey Set
(Menu A) Serves 10−12 people  $1,500

  Festive Glazed Ham Set
 (Menu B) Serves 10−12 people  $1,800

 Holiday Ham & Turkey set
(Menu C) Serves 6−8 people  $1,200

 Roast Turkey Crown Set
(Menu D) Serves 4 people  $800

All the fresh items shall order 4 days in advance.

For more delicious Christmas ideas and exciting hampers selections, please visit the Great Food Hall website.