Coming Home

A DIY guide to getting that serviced apartment lifestyle at home

Living in a serviced apartment has its advantages. No cleaning, cooking at one’s leisure, no worries about that misplaced cable statement. There are no fears your throw cushions don’t match your carpet. There may even be neighbours that you can actually chat with — the same ones for months or years. But there may come a time when it’s time to lease or buy your own home. Show of hands as to how many of us can admit our six years in Hong Kong began as a six-month contract.

You may move out of a serviced apartment but that doesn’t mean you have to leave all of its little luxuries behind. Let’s face it. There are only so many manufacturers of a given product or appliance, and serviced apartments and hotels have to get their equipment from somewhere. Fortunately some of those manufacturers’ items are available through retail. Or at least an excellent substitute is.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the easiest way to get that five-star feeling in the bedroom is with Sleep Naked’s ice white bed linens. We’ve talked about Sleep Naked before with good reason. If their linens are good enough for the W Retreat & Spa – Maldives, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai and The Berkeley, London among others they’re good enough for the rest of us.

You’ll sleep even better with an Oxyvital unit hooked up to the house. Oxyvital’s industrial air purifiers are already in use at the Four Seasons and JW Marriot spas, Seasons Fitness and Chi Residences is beginning to include them in their properties, but a consumer model is available. With air quality often as unbearable as the weather it’s regularly reported with, ensuring the air you breathe at home is clean is starting to gain traction.

When you have guests and aren’t crowded into the kitchen near the food and wine, you’re probably lounging in the living room. Hong Kong is a funny place for floors; anyone cursed with ceramic tiles will understand how uncomfortable that can be in winter. Who doesn’t want something cosy underfoot? Istanbul-based family business Stepevi (available at Kitchens+Interiors in Central) has experience in rug-making dating back to the Ottoman era and boasts some of the most creative “floorwear” designs in the world. Stepevi’s collections focus on texture (you really have to walk on one of these get it) but it’s the bold, bright colours that grab all the attention first. Very few of us would think to lay a purple, 3D earth motif (the Terra) rug in the living room, but maybe it’s time we did?

The last little thing that seems to separate a hotel or serviced apartment from our own homes is that mood lighting. There is nothing worse that lounging on the sofa, running your feet over the sensual fabrics of your Stepevi rug while gazing at your guests in the hideous glare of overhead fluorescent lights. New York-based Niche Modern’s hand blown glass pendant lamps could go a long way towards eliminating that hazard with the warm translucent amber and grey (among others) glow that glass gives off. What started as a few light fixtures born of necessity turned into a line of diverse lighting choices that should suit the space above the dining table, living area or any other space that needs “good” light. There are enough choices to ensure your light doesn’t clash with the purple rug.